Product Range

Our product range is extensive; with a wider scope for individual selection we manufacture a range of high quality knitted fabric including single jersey, interlock, pique (Lacoste), Rib fabric, collars and cuffs.

The fabric we knit with great care has character, individuality, colour identity and a guilt-free quality which is rare in the industry. We identify your needs and different tastes in fabric comforts! That's why retaining the goodness and inherent features of a fabric, we offer variety to satisfy all your needs.

knitting yarn

Yarn is a long length of intertwined fibres, used as raw materials to be used in the production of textiles.

Qma Inverters and Vickers Oil (Spotless NX22)

Our team's high efficiency and safe function are all dedicated to this amazing power pack, which brings out the best in APS Knitters.

Pique fabric

Pique fabric has its unique style and appeal for clothing. More about Pique fabric>>

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Lace fabric

We have many colours Price : Rs. 275/- to Rs. 375/- Per meter More about Lace fabric>>

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Single Jersey

Out of our line of fabric products, single jersey products steal the chief position in the line. More about Single Jersey>>

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