Fabric Making Process

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Fabric Making Process

Fabric Making Process

1st step – Cleaning

The collected raw cotton is taken through a thorough cleaning process, in which the cotton is beaten and fluffed up in order to remove the vegetable matter.

2nd step –Carding

The fibres are split and then re-assembled into a loose string (sliver or tow) during this stage.

3rd step – Combing

Combing is optional, but it is used to remove the shorter fibres, creating a stronger yarn.

4th step – The fibres are straightened

Due to inconsistencies of length and sizes, during this stage several lines are combined together, in order to get a more consistent size and shape to the fibre.

5th step – yarn Manufacturing

After spinning, checking, folding and twisting the fibres, it's being sent to manufacture fabric, giving birth to clothing of great comfort.

6th step - Weaving-fabric manufacture

Then it's time for the thrills, using various weaving methods, we begin to weave or knit great materials.

7th Step – The finish

The materials will go through;

  • de-sizing (using enzymes to break down the size),
  • scouring (chemical washing process to remove natural wax),
  • bleaching (improving whiteness),
  • mercerising (caustic soda solution causing swelling of the fibres to improve lustre and strength)
  • Singeing (burning off the surface fibres)
  • Dyeing (colourising to attract the eyes)

8th step – The distribution of the manufactured fabric